Martijn A.T. Peskens (Dordrecht ,1989) 
Martijn writes and illustrate for both childrensbooks and picturebooks. From his first children's book Fuzz - Het is herfst! (Pesamera 2017) until today, he illustrated up to five picturebooks and many more are on the way. His first picturebook 'Fuzz - Het is herfst (Autumn's here) has been translated in English.

In 2017 Martijn started his publish company Pesamera next to his job as medical lab associate.

 Martijn notices that his great passion lies in writing and illustrating and wants to focus more on that. 




Ever since Martijn could hold a pencil, he spent hours drawing as a child.
Pencils, markers, paint, ecoline, crayons... he used everything.

He got his love for pencil and paper from his father.
Pencil/charcoal drawings made by his father of Caesar, Marcus Antonius and the priest-king Mohenjo-daro still hang in his parental house.
When Martijn saw such poignant drawings as a little boy, his children's hands started to itch. 


Inspired by nature


Martijn lives together with his wife Evelien and four kids Malou (2007), Max (2017) and twin girls Anna & Esmee (2020).
He has been living in Hollandscheveld (The Netherlands) since September 2018.

A village in the middle of a green region.
Impressive forests and heaths can be admired here.

Nature always calms Martijn down and is always very inspiring. 
Animals and nature often play a major role in his books. 




In September 2017 Martijn made his debut with his picture book:
 'Fuzz - Autumn's here!'

An exciting and colorful story about a rabbit in Boompjeswoud
[Woodsy Forest].
Fuzz is a rabbit that Martijn has drawn since childhood.

In March 2018 the second picture book in the series was published, entitled 'Spring's here!'.
A little over a year later, the third part came out.
This summer adventure appeared in June 2019 with the title:
'Summer's here!'
The coldest season 'Winter's here!' appeared in November 2020.

2021 is all about a new character:
The Letter Monster
This picturebook has been published in September 2021. 



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